Multilingual Feedback Devices

  • Touch screens placed along the customer journey gather in-depth feedback, in real-time
  • Reports enable hourly snapshots, custom timelines to focus on staff schedules or long term overviews from any device 24×7
  • Export raw data to Excel easily or integrate with existing systems with our API




Complete checklists and worksheets

  • Use customer feedback device to streamline inspections and checklists ensuring works get done, where it needs get done
  • Role based tasks automate tracking of actions for a location or groups of assets in real-time
  • Reports by hour, shift and custom timelines are available to access from any device 24×7


Recover when things go wrong

  • Set enterprise¬†targets, and know when and where they are breached as soon as it happens
  • Alert the correct teams with an exact location and reason of low customer satisfaction
  • Turn customer feedback ¬†into a operational performance tool